Social Media is a Constant Party

Social media is like a party that never ends personally or professionally. You mix and mingle by sharing what you have to offer at a party just like you should online. Once you have shared, you must then listen to others to be able to make a lasting connection. Businesses and people occasionally take the old approach by constantly trying to sell themselves, sell their stuff, or focus only on “me.” This will not make you successful at a party and definitely will not make you successful on social media.

There are four criteria you should follow when you are wanting to be prosperous on social media: always listen, don’t sell just story-tell, be credible, and no matter what always have a response.

You need to listen first to be able to know how to relate and help before joining into a conversation. Social media lets you easily be able to see what your employees, investors, and clients are saying to others. If you want to do fast research on a company, you can easily google them to find out anything you want to know. This is similar to when you Facebook stalk people at a party to know more about them before talking to them.

People love stories rather than someone constantly trying to make them buy an item. Social media lets you get your stories to the public easily. If a story doesn’t work as positively as you would’ve hoped, you can try again with minimum cost and effect . Use your story opportunities to show how your company is helping clients, employees, and the general public. Next time you want to humbly brag at a party, direct the focus on the success of who you helped instead of how great you are for helping them.

Companies have a bad reputation of covering the bad and only displaying what is good. As a company you have to be credible and clear at all times. When bad or good things happen, share it on social media so it does not look like you are hiding anything. At a party and online you should always be your true self.

Social media makes you aware of what the public thinks about your company because it can be tagged in posts. You can use this to your advantage by always responding to everyone. The four most important words in social media are “Thank You” and “I’m Sorry.” Always take responsibility and react for the mistakes that your company may make. Embrace being sorry and tell how you are going to solve the issue while at the same time using the good times as a way to reward clients that deserve it. Always apologize for your mess and thank your host before leaving the party.

Parties and social media are great ways to endorse yourself and your company. Provide your value, establish a relationship, and be genuine so when people need your help they will reach out to your company rather than others.



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