Your Daily Social Media Checklist

When you are managing your personal social media accounts or your business social media accounts you should have 3 checklists: daily, weekly, and monthly. This week I am going to explain what you should include in your daily social media routine. I hope you find success from these 10 steps!

Daily Social Media Checklist:

  1. Reply to all engagements- 75% of brands do not reply on social media so it will give you an edge to engage. Ignoring customers on social media is similar to ignoring the phone ringing when they call your help centers. 
  2. Check to see who is “@”ing you- It is great for a company to do this multiple times a day by using a social media management aid like Hootsuite or Sprinklr.
  3. Keep up with related words- When using a social media management aid, you can easily manage certain aspects of your social media outlets. You can stay up-to-date on who is using hashtags and keywords or phrases that relate to your brand and industry.
  4. Plan your posts for the next day- Timing. Is. Everything. If you schedule your updates early then you will be able to save time to focus more on actual content. There needs to be a good balance of posts for each social media outlet along with when they are posted. social-media-timing-infographic
  5. Read other social media profiles- You can use other profiles as inspiration instead of only viewing them as competition. When you are looking at the results of how your social media is doing, it is advised to compare to others to see what they are doing that does and does not work.
  6. Focus on what your followers like- A lot of time may be used on this one task, but it is okay because it helps you connect better with your audience. There are sites like Nuzzel and Panda that can give you a daily news digest to see what your audience is attracted to most.
  7. Share in an email your daily social media with your employees- Employees are your #1 fans and the most genuine people to promote your company. Constantly keep your employees aware of your blog posts and other social media engagement so they will be encouraged to boost your online presence.
  8. Check in with your MVPs- Your company’s MVPs can be your most valued customers, respected people in your industry, or potential customers you would love to connect with. Keep your list of MVPs handy so you can keep up with how often you make contact with them, what your conversation was about, and if the conversation had a positive or negative effect on your social media “relationship” with the MVP.
  9. Check your followers and following tabs- Do you follow everyone that follows you….yes or yes? YES! Always follow people that follow you and also do research to follow people that you feel would benefit from your company and share common interests. There are sites and apps that will help you track who you do and do not follow and if they follow you back.
  10. Make at least one new friend- All the steps prior to this one could have possibly made you already connect with one new person, but make sure you go the extra mile to pop onto their feed and introduce your company to them.

–  Kate


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