Your Monthly Social Media Checklist

This is your third and final part of your social media checklists. This week I am going to explain what three steps you need to do every month to complete your social media success story. I hope you link this checklist with the other two to form your social media strategy. Combined as one packet success is in your future.

Monthly Social Media Checklist:

  1. Perform a social media audit- It is so important to keep all accounts uniform and up-to-date. There are lots of different aspects and details that you can include in your monthly audit, but I have a few suggestions that are definitely ones you should do before adding any more. Update any profile or cover photos for your social media outlets. Check your description and bio on your accounts to see if you need to highlight a different aspect for the upcoming month. It is most important to keep all social media outlets identically laid out so when people see one account they will connect it to the others. Look at the frequency of how much you post on each account and strategize to see what posts got a more positive response during which times and what content was included. Track the growth or decline of your followers to find out if there is an outside factor that correlates with the change. Look to see if your updates reach a good amount of your followers and non-followers while also keeping track with the average clicks or views your accounts have received. There are easy to use templates on line that help you perform a successful social media audit.
  2. Goal-setting- This step is very important in continually being successful on your accounts. Take the data you have collected throughout the month and during the social media audit to fully encompass what a good goal would be for your company. Many people enjoy setting goals, but there are people that find them difficult to decide on. There are many strategies out there that can help you set your goals. These seven strategies have been coined as helpful: S.M.A.R.T., Locke and Latham’s, OKRs, BSQ, BHAG, growth hacker goal-setting, and intriguing metric. Use these strategies to help you form your goals for the future.
  3. Plan ahead for the next month or more- Take the time to reflect on your month’s highs and lows for social media, but then do not stop there. You want to also start to plan the next month or maybe the whole quarters content. Setting up a calendar to help you better brainstorm and plan out when things need to be prepared for the accounts by. When you have events or major changes that will be happening in the future, it is better to have your content set up and prepared beforehand in case some crisis happens.

I have truly enjoyed doing the research for these checklists. I hope you get a chance to use my checklists on your company’s social media.

– Kate


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