Welcome to EnvisionVR

envisionvr2EnvisionVR is a virtual reality studio in Opelika, Alabama. Forbes listed virtual reality as a game changing social media trend for 2017. David Brickley states that, “It’s definitely the future. It’s not convenient enough for consumers yet, and wearing a huge headset in your living room daily won’t scale. However, it’s the future and a space that will only continue to grow.” This studio has made virtual reality easy accessible to the public for when they want to experience the trend.

EnvisionVR has a membership program with benefits for the frequent participant in virtual reality. You reserve rooms at the studio to experience virtual reality with their high-end systems. The studio has several rooms outfitted with an HTC Vive that you reserve time slots to experience virtual reality. HTC Vive is currently the best system available and allows full movement within the virtual reality grid.

The pricing at EnvisionVR can be calculated with a solo or group rate. Group rates can be split between up to five members.screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-11-02-38-pm

EnvisionVR has a variety of games that is tailored for everyone to have the most enjoyable experience. When you reserve your virtual reality room, you choose between different things that interest you. This list includes gaming, movies, experiences, education and professional use.

EnvisionVR has became heavily involved on social media to boost their in-house success. You can find them at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. They have been good at relaying all of their information on their social media outlets; and interacting with customers, members and future customers.envisionvr1

EnvisionVR has been recognized by Opelika Observer, OA News, WTVM, and The Plainsman. EnvisionVR is located at 109 S 8th St. Opelika, AL 36803 and opened Tuesday through Sunday 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information visit their website, www.envisionvr.org/# 

I can not wait to grab a group of my friends for a fun night filled with virtual reality! I hope you all go try EnvisionVR or a nearby virtual reality studio.

–  Kate


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