Blogging Tips for You

Blogging is a crucial part of social media in 2017. Not only personal blogs, but blogs for businesses have expanded exponentially and have turned into the “norm.” We need to learn how to master setting up and running an effective blog. Here are my seven tips to help you work toward having a successful blog.

7 Tips:

  1. Always be honest with your readers. Every person that reads your blog is in a relationship with you. In this relationship, you want to always tell them the truth and be someone you can rely on. If you somehow break their trust, then you have written off the credibility of your blog.
  2. When setting up your blog, pick a theme and find your voice. A basic, eye-catching design for your blog that is compelling will resonate with your readers best. Decide what you want to continuously blog about and lay out your blog to accommodate your focus. It may take some time to find your voice, but eventually you will develop a certain aesthetic in your writing which will keep your readers coming back for more.
  3. Always make your content easy for people to share on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and others will add to the success of your blog if you make it easy for people to share on these networks. DIGG DIGG is a Buffer plugin for WordPress that Jeff Goins recommends bloggers to use.
  4. When writing your blogs, keep your sentences short and stay on the main topic of the blog. Your readers do not want you to start rambling about things that do not relate in a blog when they came to read about a specific topic. Also, if you keep your sentences short and interesting the reader is more likely to read the whole post. It is advised for most blogs to stay around 500 words.
  5. Make an email list for your regular readers to subscribe and get updates about your blog. Add blog subscription boxes to the end of each blog and subpage. MailChimp is a source that Thibaut Davoult recommends to use because of how simple it is to form a mailing list and deliver them out to your subscribers.
  6. Add relevant graphics and statistics to your blog posts to make them more informative or interesting for your readers. Infographics that display statistics can easily be made and added to your post to make sure the whole blog is not words. If you are writing about food or traveling, definitely add in photos of what you are talking to your readers about so they can have the full experience.
  7. Never give up on your blog. If you are feeling like you can not do it anymore, take time out of your schedule to brainstorm creative ideas or do activities to inspire you. Do not only write your blogs for your readers, but write for yourself. Let your personality shine through your blog.

–  Kate


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