Five Favorites about Hootsuite

I am now Hootsuite Platform Certified!
Here are my five favorite parts of using Hootsuite:

  1. Hootsuite Dashboard is the command central for your social networks. The top reason why people like to use Hootsuite is because you can publish messages to multiple accounts at once which can save you a considerable amount of time. On the Dashboard you can choose multiple different views and tabs to best use your Hootsuite.
  2. Adding a social network is the first step after registering for Hootsuite. First, select your profile image at the top of the Launchpad. Then, click on add a social network. A pop-up window will appear and choose the type of network you want to connect with Hootsuite. Put in your username and password for the network you have chosen. Finally, allow Hootsuite permission to access the account. I currently have Twitter and Facebook on my Hootsuite, depending on your plan depends on how many networks you can add.
  3. Hootsuite allows you to listen to your social media followers more effectively. You can use streams and tabs to organize your accounts’ activity. Streams are to tabs like files are to folders. Search streams will allow you to track and monitor social activity around certain keywords, phrases, users or a location. This tool helps you find relevant conversations on your networks. Streams and tabs allow you to effectively and efficiently run your social networks. I am very organized so being able to do this with my social media accounts helps me be able to strategize and plan my posts.
  4. Engagement is a vital part of social media marketing and Hootsuite aids you in this aspect. It can be time consuming to natively engage with your followers from your companies’ social media networks. Important comments, posts, or mentions that are relevant to your company can get lost. I never want
    o have people feel like I am ignoring them on social media. Hootsuite assists me in making sure I do not miss connecting with key followers.
  5. You can compose and schedule messages through your Hootsuite. The dashboard has a compose box that allows you to type in your message, add any attachments, pick your network or networks you want to send it out on, and then schedule when you want the message to be relayed. Sometimes there are certain times I want to send out messages on my social networks, but I am not available during those times. Being able to use Hootsuite and set up my posts ahead of time still always me to get my content out there when I feel is the best time.

I hope you also get Hootsuite certified and start using this amazing social media management tool. Hootsuite can help your business, big or small, be successful on social media and it can even help you succeed on your personal social networks.

–  Kate


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