Snapchat: The Rundown

E! News has changed how to use Snapchat by making an original series called “The Rundown.”This series is hosted by Erin Lim and is infusing pop culture with influencing the millennial generation on being informed of news even if it is revolved around celebrities. The E! News series is shown on the Discover Page. This is Snapchat’s first series to mix humor with current news.


The Rundown was started in September of 2016, but has really taken off in 2017. The episodes last five minutes. It will “cover everything E! News’ passionate, hyper-connected fan base want and need to stay in-the-know on the biggest trending stories of the week along with offering a unique and humorous take on all things pop culture,” the network said in a release. Award season is wrapping up, but The Rundown had special episodes for most of the award shows. Lim was on the red carpet hosting The Rundown for the Golden Globe Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Academy Awards. Since the debut last September, the viewership has soared to 82 percent and 75 percent of viewers watch it weekly.

This series came along with the E! News’ new social media and marketing campaign. The campaign is socially and digitally driven. “Be Pop Cultured” is definitely hitting all the right spots with this hip, new Snapchat series.

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Tune into The Rundown with Erin Lim every Thursday on Snapchat.


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