Personal Social Media Branding

When possible employers are viewing your social media you want the accounts to accurately and positively represent who you are. Once something is online it is almost impossible to completely delete it. You have to decide what you want your digital footprint to be in the social media world. Here are some tips to use when branding yourself on social media.

  1. Be uniform- When posting on your accounts, you want to show your personality. Your voice should stay consistent and it is helpful for your profile picture to be the same for all social media accounts when you are applying for jobs or internships. Stay true to yourself while also being mindful that companies and future employers have access to what you are posting on social media.
  2. Put your best self forward- Your social media accounts should reflect your best self. When posting on these accounts it is a safe bet to ask “Will my grandmother be upset with me for this content?” Let your morals and values shine through on your accounts. When a company views your social media they should be able to grasp what type of person you are to others. It is best to stay positive when posting on social media. You want to be viewed as someone that is respectful and that encourages others.
  3. Become public- Do not turn your accounts to private when you start applying for internships and jobs. This could show the companies that you are trying to hide something from them. You always want to be transparent and honest on your social media.
  4. Be aware of what you post- It is best to stay neutral on most issues that come into the spotlight. It is encouraged to not post about politics. This can always lead to comments that are later regretted. When you are upset or mad, it is best to stay off of social media. You can not think clearly when you are having these emotions and all of your posts should be well-thought before sending them. Think about the environment, current events, historic events, and other people’s feelings when you are formulating content for your social media accounts. Also, if you are not completely educated about a subject it is probably best for you not to post about this subject.

“You, my friend, are a brand.” Barry Feldman was correct when he made this statement and I hope these four tips help you create successful personal social media accounts.


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