I’ll Miss You #Sisson3280

Tichenor Hall is more than an building people walk in and out of every day. Social Media and Public Relations is more than just an average class. Dr. Sisson is more than a professor I see (at least) twice a week. As I approach my senior year, I have been thinking about the courses and the professors that have molded me into the public relations student I am today.

Tichenor Hall is my home away from home. No matter what part of the building I am in, there is always someone that I know. The professors, advisors, and administrators housed in this building truly care about how to further my education and help me achieve my goals. They ask about my successes, my struggles, and my future. In the great times and the bad times, there is always faculty in the College of Liberal Arts that I know will be there for me. To me, Tichenor Hall is my favorite place on campus because this building is home.

PRCM 3280: Social Media and Public Relations has changed the way I view social media. I once was only focused on how many likes I could get on Instagram or retweets I could get on Twitter. I have learned valuable professional skills in this class that has further my public relations knowledge in the social media world. I now have my Hootsuite Certification. I now know how to write up a social media proposal. I now know how to use social media as a source for research and influencers to follow for insight. I now have connections through guest speakers that I would not have had the pleasure of knowing if it wasn’t for this class. I could go on and on about how magnificent this course was and what all I learned, but instead I challenge you to take my word for it and embark on this journey with Dr. Sisson when you have the chance. Social Media and Public Relations has been a learning experience that has increased my qualifications as I enter the PR world.

Dr. Sisson is a mentor, a confidant, an advisor, a professor, and above all a friend. I have the pleasure of continuing to work with her in the fall in connection with the Public Relations Student Society of America and Public Relations Council of Alabama Auburn chapters, which I currently serve as president over. Above that though, I had the enjoyment of being able to have her as my professor for this class. She always made lectures interesting, she was honest with us, and she gave us personal insights and connections that we would have never received if she was not our professor for this class. I wished I had the opportunity to have her in my senior year, but I am thrilled that she can not get rid of me yet as she continues to serve as the best advisor for PRSSA & PRCA. Thank you, Dr. Sisson for your knowledge, your guidance, and above everything else your encouragement.

With a tear-stained face, I finish off this blog. I am thankful to have at least another 365 days left in “The Loveliest Village On the Plains.” These college years have flown by, but this year especially. I am blessed with the friends I have made through Auburn University, College of Liberal Arts, School of Communication and Journalism, and Public Relations. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have received throughout my time here at this amazing university. It is very bittersweet entering my senior year at Auburn University, but I am ready to begin my journey in the pr world to start making everyone proud.

–  Kate, signing off one last time


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